FAQ: How To Control Growth Of Peruvian Bloodline Sabong?

How do I make my Gamefowl stronger?

Add a little brown sugar, or still better, some honey to their feed the last week. Both are strengthening and produce energy. Some people feel they must add bone meal and fish meal to their feed the first ten days. This is okay, if fresh but if sour or rancid they could throw the cocks off their feed.

How do you keep Gamefowl healthy?


  1. 50% – whole corn.
  2. 10% – whole oats or jockey oats.
  3. 10% – Pellets (16% C.P.)
  4. Corn supplies complex carbohydrates which is the best energy source, and some plant proteins as bonus.
  6. Provide the cocks a steady supply of grits from day 1 to 9 of your KEEP system.

What is the best vitamin for Gamefowl?

Respigen 15 contains Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), Vitamin E and Selenium that helps gamefowl last longer during drag fight (basaan). Provide stamina and endurance during strenuous fight.

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How do you make pure bloodline for Gamefowl?

To produce a pure breed of game fowl or fighting cocks, you need a pure brood cock and brood hen, for example their bloodline is both butcher. Breed them together to produce a pure butcher bloodline offspring.

How many times a day do you feed Gamefowl?

Sometimes three including snacks at noon. Some even practice the once a day feeding method. American James Pope advocated once a day feeding. In the past Filipino cockers used to feed their roosters once a day at 3 pm.

How do you train Aseel to fight?

On Spot Running > 7:15 am ( Take your Aseel to a very soft Sandy Area and make sure it is clean and without any pebbles, Hold your Aseel from its back joint and lift it a bit up holding from the joint with one hand such that, that the back side goes up and the head goes a bit down,this will make you aseel run on the

Are Oats good for Gamefowl?

Jockey oats Oats, not dehulled, is a high in fiber grain, this is used to make the gamefowl lighter, given at 10 to 30 percent. In the coditioining We give it 10percent. We don’t give them more than 10% in the last week, in fact we don’t use it in the last 3 days.

How do you gain weight on Gamefowl?

To increase the birds weight, feed more Puppy Chow in the evening, to decrease their weight, cut it down. The second week I feed a different feed morning and evening. For the morning feed, boil 2 lbs. of racing pigeon feed for 20 minutes in a pot with a lid on it.

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What is the best feed for Game Roosters?

Preferred Rooster Food Roosters love fresh corn, cooked rice, cheese and noodles. Hence, while you dine with your family, you can occasionally feed them these food scraps. Roosters also generally like leafy vegetables, such as greens, lettuce and Russian kale.

How do you use D+ Electrogeneration?

Dosage and Administration:

  1. Maintain gamefowl in peak form: Give 1 tsp per gallon of drinking water daily.
  2. During heavy training, stress periods and disease outbreaks: Give 2 tsp per gallon to meet increased body demands.

Is Iron good for Gamefowl?

Iron Dextran is used for prevention and treatment of anemia, anemia due to blood loss and low hemoglobin levels. Produces rapid increase of hemoglobin and packed cell volume in iron deficiency anemias. Vitamin B12 is used as an aid in management of Vitamin B12 deficiencies.

Does B12 Help?

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, a blood condition that makes people tired and weak.

Is inbreeding good for Gamefowl?

Since traits are lessened from one partner to the other by any mating by 60 percent, inbreeding allows you to breed back the traits to come up with offspring as close to the original champion through careful culling and there CAN be consistent production of good birds throughout generations.

Can you breed brother and sister Gamefowl?

Yes you can breed bro to sis, although this will emphasize both positive & negative traits. Typically father to daughter or mother to son breeding will produce better results.

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What is the best fighting game fowl?

Chickens like the Asil, Brown Red Game Fowl and Whitehackle are sure to bring home the prize.

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