FAQ: How To Make Peruvian Friendship Bracelets?

What is the easiest friendship bracelet to make?

Braid Bracelets of All Sizes Braiding may be the most basic way to make a friendship bracelet, but these tutorials from Purl Soho show you how many ways you really can braid. At the most basic, they teach a wide braid by holding several strands side by side, but they work you all the way up to a seven-strand braid.

How do you make a friendship bracelet on your wrist?

Step 1: Put the buckle at the base of your thumb and wrap the bracelet around your wrist. Take the upper of the two braids and pass it through the buckle towards your fingers. Hold the end of the braid against your palm with your fingers as shown in the picture.

How do you make a simple beaded bracelet?


  1. Prepare a Length of Stretch Cord. Cut a length of cord that is about 4 to 6 inches longer than your desired bracelet length.
  2. String Beads on the Elastic Cord.
  3. Knot the Stretch Bracelet.
  4. Hide the Knot on a Stretch Bracelet.
  5. Trim the Stretch Cord Ends.
  6. Wear Your Stretch Bracelet.

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