How Do I Find My Peruvian Guinea Pigs Grease Gland?

Where is a guinea pig’s grease gland?

All guinea pigs have a grease gland that produces an oily secretion for scenting and marking purposes. This dime-sized area is covered with fur and located at the base of their spine. Look for it about half an inch away from their genitals, about where you’d imagine a tail to be.

What does a guinea pig grease gland look like?

A dirty grease gland tends to look like a bunch of dark earwax stuck to the fur on the rump. Long-haired wheekers may need a little booty trim to make the job easier. While a bum bath may be in order anyway for those pigs with long, luscious locks, you might find it doesn’t totally take care of the grease gland goop.

Why does my guinea pig look greasy?

Some guinea pigs, especially males, might have an active grease gland at the base of their spine. This is a small area of skin just above the anus that can get greasy and matted and stink.

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Do guinea pigs have a scent gland?

Guinea pigs have a scent gland, or grease gland, which is located just above where you’d expect to find a tail. The oil secreted by this gland helps guinea pigs mark their territory, but the area around this gland can become greasy, sticky and smelly, especially in males.

How often should I clean my guinea pigs grease gland?

While each Guinea Pig is different, you will need to clean the grease gland frequently to keep your Guinea Pig from developing health problems. Guinea Pigs will need their grease gland to be cleaned anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Should you clean a guinea pigs grease gland?

Guinea pigs with active grease glands do need regular cleaning of their grease glands so that the grease doesn’t build up a lot. If the grease glands are not cleaned on a regular basis then it can lead to irritation in guinea pigs.

Do guinea pigs make your house smell?

A healthy Guinea pig will always try to keep themselves clean, but we should also help them by cleaning them every once in a while. Guinea pigs are as clean as you keep them. We should always spot clean the pee and the poop daily to avoid building up over time and creating a nuisance smell in the room.

What kind of soap can I use on my guinea pig?

What soap is safe for guinea pigs? The only safe soap is a guinea pig or small animal shampoo. Anything else will be too harsh for your pet’s sensitive skin. We have seen some websites saying it’s okay to use unscented baby shampoo, but we only recommend this if you’re absolutely desperate.

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Why do guinea pigs stink?

Guinea pigs are very good about grooming, and keep themselves clean in general. Rather, dirty bedding, leftover food, untidied droppings, and urine are what tend to create an unpleasant smell. So, guinea pig odor can come down to inadequate cage maintenance, in a nutshell.

What causes guinea pigs to stink?

If anything is going to cause any smell to develop, it will most likely be the urine and not the animal itself. So, keep bedding fresh, spot clean dirty areas regularly and do a full clean out at least once a week.

Can I use baby wipes on my guinea pig?

Why Are Baby Wipes Not Safe For Guinea Pigs? Most baby wipes are not safe to be used on small pets like guinea pigs because they’re not specifically made for them. Guinea pigs and other small pets have special needs when it comes to keeping themselves clean and baby wipes can mess that up.

How often should you brush a guinea pig?

Typically, guinea pigs need to be brushed only once or twice a week to minimize shedding. Brushing also gives an owner a chance to monitor their pet’s skin for parasites (such as mites or lice), lumps, or crustiness — all of which warrant a trip to the veterinarian.

How do you treat an impaction in a guinea pig?

Dietary change to increase fibre intake may be suggested, and regular, manual cleaning of this pocket is often the best treatment in older boars (male guinea pigs). Cleaning twice daily to once a week is required depending on the severity of the condition.

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