Often asked: How To Make Peruvian String Art Earrings?

What kind of string is used to make tassel earrings?

Goelx Silk Thread Shiny and Soft thread for jewelry making-tassel making- embroidery. 5 Popular Jewelry Making -embroidery Colors Included.

What wire do you use for earrings?

For the wire to pass through the ear lobe easily, 22-gauge wire is often best. 20-gauge wire will create a stronger hoop and should also work when passing through the ear lobe. Sterling silver, gold-filled and niobium wires are good choices for earrings since they are least likely to cause skin irritations.

How do you end the string of beads?

Thread the end of the string through the loop of a metal clasp, then position the clasp on the point of the string where you want it. Tie the end of the string to itself using two knots, one positioned against the metal of the clasp and one positioned a little lower on the length of the cord.

How do you make earrings without pliers?

How To Make Earrings Without Tools

  1. Open the small loop in your ear wire (where the ball hook is) with your fingers.
  2. Thread the charm from the back of the earring to the base of the small loop.
  3. Close the loop with your fingers.
  4. Repeat for the other earring.

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