Often asked: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider How To Get The Treasure Chest In Peruvian Jungle?

Where are all the survival caches in the Peruvian jungle?

The first survival cache (1) can be found near the northern crypt in Peruvian Jungle. The cache is in the shallow water. The second (2) lies on the ground near Video Camera relic (3), west from Plane Wreckage campsite. The third (3) is in the left side of Plane Wreckage campsite.

How do you beat Peruvian jungle in Tomb Raider?

Climb across to the ravine and continue down the path until you find a flare on the ground and some blood on a rock. Keep going and you’ll eventually find out that some jaguars killed Miguel. Continue down the path, and you’ll eventually get to an arena where you need to fight the two jaguars.

How do you free the White Queen?

The goal is to get the two shield knights into the light. A wall will then disappear in front of you, revealing the white queen. She is trapped in a cage, so return to the globe and turn the wheel on the right to free her.

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Where are the survival caches in Tomb Raider?

Normally they are hidden on the map but can be revealed by finding Explorer’s Satchels. Nevertheless, unlike Coin Caches, they can be found without revealing them on the map first: Whenever Lara is near a Survival Cache the game controller will vibrate and an interaction icon will be displayed above the cache.

Where are the survival caches in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Survival Caches

  1. The Cache (1) is in the wolf cave.
  2. The cache (2) is near the mountain path that runs along the water reservoir.
  3. The cache (3) is at the bottom of the eastern part of the water reservoir, near the path leading to the Thirsty Gods tomb.

What is a survival cache Tomb Raider?

Survival Caches are scattered throughout Rise of the Tomb Raider. They award the player with various resources for use in crafting.

Where is the climbing AXE in Tomb Raider?

Reaching the climbing axe requires you to get further down into the jungle, which used to be unavailable before you’d gotten the bow. Explore the western part of the first stage of the jungle. In the place shown above, Lara has to use a rope arrow to unwind the rope. This will let her get to the other side.

Can you fast travel in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The fast travel option in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is only unlocked after a few hours’ of play, at a certain point in the story. You access fast travel via campfires, which are also where you upgrade Lara’s skills, improve her weapons, or even give her a PS1-era makeover.

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How do you tether the bridge in Tomb Raider?

How to Raise the Bridge in Rough Landing

  1. Start by going up the steps leading to the bridge.
  2. On the top platform, pull and turn the lever on the top of the platform.
  3. Jump down and return to the bridge level.
  4. The next step is to create a rope tether from the far side of the bridge to the spool closest to you.

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