Often asked: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Pc How To Inter Peruvian Jungle Youtube?

How do you get the chest in Peruvian jungle?

The Treasure chest is inside the cave. You’ll need the lockpick to open it. You can buy it after finishing the “Find Takiy’s Dice” Side Mission at The Hidden City.

Where are the survival caches in Peruvian jungle?

Survival cache. The first survival cache (1) can be found near the northern crypt in Peruvian Jungle. The cache is in the shallow water. The second (2) lies on the ground near Video Camera relic (3), west from Plane Wreckage campsite.

How do you get the survival cache in Peruvian jungle?

There are 9 Survival Caches in the Peruvian Jungle. Follow the water to the dead end. To get to the crypt, you have to climb a tree, jump and climb a rock and then swing onto a slide, that takes you into the water pool.

How do you free the White Queen?

The goal is to get the two shield knights into the light. A wall will then disappear in front of you, revealing the white queen. She is trapped in a cage, so return to the globe and turn the wheel on the right to free her.

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How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

Exiting the tomb Turn to the right from the tomb stele and climb onto the platform there. Follow the water to the right back to the chamber you were just in. Hop onto the zip line at the end of the water channel and ride it out.

How do I get to the crypt near the belly of the serpent?

You can only enter the crypt in the Serpent Guard outfit. After entering the crypt you will find yourself on a climbing wall. Jump and hook on it with your axe and descent on the rope. Follow the cave along the left wall.

How do I get out of the path of battle tomb?

Head through the cave and jump between the two grapple walls, climbing up. Climb up the ledges, through another cave, and two more grapple walls to exit the tomb.

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