Often asked: What Age Are Peruvian Guinea Pigs Old Enough To Breed?

Can you breed a 1 year old guinea pig?

Guinea pigs can breed as early as 8 weeks. So you must separate the male and female babies by this age. Ideally, the female should be 6 months to 1 year old. The male should be at least 6 months old.

How old are guinea pigs when you can breed them?

Male guinea pigs (boars) usually mature sexually and can mate as young as 2-3 months of age. Female guinea pigs (sows) typically mature sexually at 2 months of age (55 to 70 days).

What is the best age to breed a female guinea pig?

Females should be first bred between 3 and 7 months of age. Males should be 34 months old at their first breeding. The guinea pig’s heat cycle lasts 16 days.

Do guinea pigs get pregnant easily?

They are easy to mate, easy to rear and you’ll be as happy as a pig in mud watching the new squeakers growing and developing. Just be sure you can find good homes for the resultant babies. As with real pigs, female guinea pigs are called sows and males are called boars.

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Can the father guinea pig be with the babies?

As a general rule, male guinea pigs are allowed to meet their babies briefly, but since the babies are with the mother most of the time, you must put the father into a different enclosure. However, this separation is not due to the fear of the father eating the babies but rather for the mother’s safety.

Can you breed a skinny pig with a guinea pig?

Breeding a skinny pig to a standard haired guinea pig will result in offspring that all carry one copy of the gene, but none will express hairlessness. These offspring are generally called skinny carriers.

Can female guinea pigs get pregnant without a male?

A female guinea pig needs to be sexually mature to breed but also not too old to give birth. This allows an extremely small window of opportunity unless you want to have a Cesarean section (C-section) performed on the sow to get the babies out.

Can two female guinea pigs live together if one is pregnant?

Under most circumstances, a pregnant guinea pig can coexist with other sows without difficulty.

Is breeding guinea pigs dangerous?

Breeding a female guinea pig for the first time after she reaches 8 months of age can be very dangerous because of the normal stiffening of the pubic symphysis (a joint of tough fibrous cartilage between the 2 pubic bones of the pelvis) that occurs when the female reaches adulthood.

How long do guinea pigs stay pregnant?

Most guinea pigs give birth in the daytime hours. She will give out a cry just as she goes into labor, and it will take about five minutes to birth a pup. Each pup will have its own amniotic sac, and usually the mother removes it and eats it.

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What do guinea pigs do when mating?

When a female guinea pig is placed with a male he begins to follow and/or circle her almost immediately, usually sniffing at the anogenital region. This behavior is called “nuzzling.” Within a few seconds he may mount her, usually posteriorly but often elsewhere.

Should I get a male or female guinea pig?

As long as it is healthy, happy and friendly, you won’t go wrong choosing either a boy or a girl guinea pig. But, if you are thinking about getting a pair, or adding a new piggie to your existing herd, choosing a boar or a sow is a significant decision. Remember, though, cavies are social animals.

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