Question: How Do You Say Icycle In Peruvian Spanish?

What is a Spanish Comendador?

Comendador is a title of Portuguese and Spanish origin, given to a person responsible for a Comenda/Encomienda. It may also refer to: Comendador, Elías Piña, the capital of the Elías Piña province of the Dominican Republic.

What is a Spanish Cebolla?

noun. a monocotyledonous plant of genus Allium allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice. onion → cebolla.

What is a Spanish Jorongo?

masculine noun (Mexico) poncho ⧫ sleeveless poncho.

What does Gulas mean in Spanish?

feminine noun. 1. ( excessive apetite ) gluttony. La gula es uno de los siete pecados capitales.

Does Ajo mean in Spanish?

ajo. 1 (Botánica) (Culin) garlic. un ajo a clove of garlic; (salsa) garlic sauce.

What does Cibola mean?

Cevola (sometimes Sevola) or Cibola, the Spanish transliteration of a native name for a pueblo (Hawikuh Ruins) conquered by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. One of the Seven Cities of Gold, the Spanish legend that Coronado tracked to Hawikuh. The Zuni-Cibola Complex, which contains the Hawikuh Ruins.

What’s Lechuga mean?

Lechuga is a Spanish surname. It is occupational in origin and was used for a grower or seller of lettuces, lechuga being the Spanish word for ” lettuce”, “salad”.

What’s the difference between a poncho and a serape?

As nouns the difference between poncho and serape is that poncho is a simple garment, made from a rectangle of cloth, with a slit in the middle for the head while serape is a type of blanket worn as a cloak, especially by spanish-americans.

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