Quick Answer: Shadow Of The Tomb How To Get Back Up South East Peruvian Tomb?

How do I get out of Peruvian jungle crypt?

Exiting the crypt Run around the sarcophagus and jump onto the counterweight there. Ride the counterweight all the way to the ground, then run through the tunnel ahead of you when you land. Just keep running straight along the hallway until you exit the crypt.

How do I get back to cenote’s tomb?

To get back to the Cenote Temple Ruins Base Camp, return the way you came to the ledge where you found document #4. Then retrace the same route you took to reach the base camp the first time. (Check these screenshots if you need a refresher.)

How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

Exiting the tomb Turn to the right from the tomb stele and climb onto the platform there. Follow the water to the right back to the chamber you were just in. Hop onto the zip line at the end of the water channel and ride it out.

Can you fast travel in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The fast travel option in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is only unlocked after a few hours’ of play, at a certain point in the story. You access fast travel via campfires, which are also where you upgrade Lara’s skills, improve her weapons, or even give her a PS1-era makeover.

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How do you escape cenote?

Cenote – Escape the Cenote. Run forward and grapple-swing across the gap. When you land, veer right to avoid the Yaaxil converging from the left. Run forward through the rough wooden doorway, keeping ahead of the pursuing enemies, and avoiding the detonating green orbs on your left

How do you find a way across the cenote?

Find a Way Across the Cenote

  1. Start by pushing and rotating the rope-covered contraption clockwise.
  2. Tether a rope bridge that connects the contraption to a rope-covered beam across the way.
  3. Pull the big lever to cause a hanging box attached to a crane to swing across the chasm.

Where is Cenote in Tomb Raider?

How to find the Cenote challenge tomb. Begin at the Cenote Vista base camp and head west. Dive into the water, and swim underwater into the temple, continuing west and northwest. (For an overview of your path, see the arrows on the map below.)

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