Readers ask: How Do I Get The Video Camera In The Peruvian Jungle?

How do you get the treasure in Peruvian jungle?

The Treasure chest is inside the cave. You’ll need the lockpick to open it. You can buy it after finishing the “Find Takiy’s Dice” Side Mission at The Hidden City.

How do I open the journal in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Press TAB (which opens your map) then go to the ‘Documents’ tab, and scroll down to her journals.

Where are the survival caches in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Survival Caches

  1. The Cache (1) is in the wolf cave.
  2. The cache (2) is near the mountain path that runs along the water reservoir.
  3. The cache (3) is at the bottom of the eastern part of the water reservoir, near the path leading to the Thirsty Gods tomb.

Where are the survival caches in Peruvian jungle?

Survival cache. The first survival cache (1) can be found near the northern crypt in Peruvian Jungle. The cache is in the shallow water. The second (2) lies on the ground near Video Camera relic (3), west from Plane Wreckage campsite.

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How do I get the lockpick?

The Lockpick is an unlockable gadget in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (SOTTR). It allows you to open locked Conquistador treasure chests. Getting Lockpick: It is sold by a merchant in Paititi “The Hidden City”. It costs 2800 Gold Pieces.

Does rise of Tomb Raider have auto aim?

NOTE: There’s a limited auto-aim feature if you set the combat difficulty to Adventurer (Easy). Each time you release Aim and then press it again, Lara will automatically aim at a nearby target.

Does shadow of the Tomb Raider have auto aim?

For example, you can choose easy combat (which automatically turns on aim assist, and lowers enemy damage), and also choose hard puzzles. Another way to play is choosing easy exploration (which clearly defines the path you need ) and also easy puzzles (which makes timed mechanics more forgivable).

Where is the climbing AXE in Tomb Raider?

Reaching the climbing axe requires you to get further down into the jungle, which used to be unavailable before you’d gotten the bow. Explore the western part of the first stage of the jungle. In the place shown above, Lara has to use a rope arrow to unwind the rope. This will let her get to the other side.

What are the 6 Challenges in the hidden city?

All Challenges | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Challenge 2 – Keep Calm and Carrion. Collect 3 Condor feathers from nests.
  • Challenge 3 – Changing the Weather. Rope-pull 5 frog totems.
  • Challenge 4 – Droping Decimals. Grapple 3 quipus.
  • Challenge 5 – Dunkin’ Bones.
  • Challenge 6 – Speak of the Dead.
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How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

Exiting the tomb Turn to the right from the tomb stele and climb onto the platform there. Follow the water to the right back to the chamber you were just in. Hop onto the zip line at the end of the water channel and ride it out.

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