Readers ask: How To Access Peruvian Connection Wildlands?

How to start Peruvian Connection Wildlands?

To find The Peruvian Connection missions you need to head to Inca Camina province which is under the jurisdiction of the Santa Blanca boss La Cabra. Once you enter this area, The Peruvian Connection mission should be marked on your map.

How do you unlock Cabra in wildlands?

It works just like any of the other missions in the game, and you’ll need to acquire Intel to make new missions spawn. Once you’ve completed all the missions, you’ll get a chance to take down La Cabra, the buchon of Inca Camina.

Can you take cover in wildlands?

r/Wildlands Happens automatically as you approach cover. For waist high walls, just crouch behind it. It’s not a command to enter or leave cover.

How do you take a breakpoint cover?

Press L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One and you’ll lean in the direction of the arrow, and aim around corners or cover. Let go of L2/ LT and your character will take cover back behind the wall or object once again.

How do you take cover on Ghost Recon breakpoint?

There is no need to press a button to go to cover as the game automatically clips your character to a cover once you get near it.

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