When Is The Peruvian Connection Mission In Ghost Recon Wiodlands Available On Xbox One?

How do I access the Peruvian Connection mission?

To locate the Peruvian Connection Missions, travel to the bottom left of Bolivia. You will see the Inca Camina province and the Boss, La Cabra. Once you reach this location, you will be able to see missions on your map.

Can you still do the Predator mission in wildlands?

On December 14th, 2020, the Predator missions will be removed from Ghost Recon Wildlands. Predator items and rewards unlocked by players prior to that time will be kept in the player inventory.

Can you skip a mission in wildlands?

It is possible to skip most of the earlier missions in the game and reach the final mission for El Sueno, with a little help from some friends online. To do this is simple, but requires other players to have missions you haven’t unlocked yet.

How do you do the agent mission in wildlands?

Objectives of The Agent

  1. Locate the agent’s assistant without being detected. The are no guards around.
  2. Tail the assistant, remain undetected. Get into the car and follow the agent.
  3. Deploy the drone into the Santa Muerte Library.
  4. Use the drone to record the meeting.
  5. Mission Complete.
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What do you get when you kill the Predator in wildlands?

If you defeat the Predator, you will get exclusive items, and that includes a Predator mask that will give you thermal vision.

Where is the Predator in wildlands location?

Open up your campaign map and you’ll see a new story mission called “The Jungle Moved” in Caimanes. This is the Predator mission.

How do you unlock cheats on Ghost Recon wildlands?

Unlock Cheat Mode, then press and hold BACK, and press B, A, Y, Y, B, A, X, X, X. You will not be able to complete the game with this cheat enabled.

How do you skip missions in Ghost Recon wildlands?

It’s not a story mission, you don’t have to do it. But an easy way to do it, you go into the options menu, go to gameplay, then scroll down to the bottom, turn the AI teammates off.

How do you deploy a drone in wildlands?

To activate the drone, just press the “X” key (or hold up on the d-pad if you are playing with a gamepad or on XONE/PS4). Once activated, you can start using it in the same way as in Wildlands.

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